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Poolloop Festival  : Feed the Pool!  6th – 9th of July

Starkart, Brauerstreet 126, Zurich

Magnetic Matrix 3.1 interactive interface will be on display at the festival as a trigger machine for sound loops in the data pool…loop..loop..loop.. come and check it out!!!

The Poolloop-Festival has several layers. One is a ‘pool’ of short audio-, video- or text-files from artist, musicians writers, philosophers and you. The other part are interfaces and installations who interact with this pool and create pieces such as performaces, mashups or found footage videos. The Festival is about the combinations, the intuition and interaction between artists, audience an the festival-content.

Organisers are searching for Loops in Videos, Tunes or Texts. Everything is possible. Extracts from the daily life, from the Media, Tv, Radio, out of the Club, registered with your own mobile, in Studios or just somewhere in the world where you are living. How long should your recording be? That’s up to you. Send them your samples cut right on time or not at all. But do not loop it! All contributions serve as a data pool in order to be looped during the show or the jam session. A Loop Machine will be drawed among all participants and each of them will get a free drink at the festival bar in exchange for the loop.

Send them your contribution (recording) from the 1st till the 30th of June.

The Big Loop Show will take place on Friday 8th July, moderated by Mario Purkathofer. All participants are most welcome. All loops will be looped, certified, deleted, awarded and last but not least presented and transformed during the big Loop Jam Session.


Magnetic Matrix in London 2011

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Netaudio London showcases the work of artists who use digital and network technologies to explore new boundaries in music and sonic art. With their annual festival they encourage participation in all forms: interactive sound art installations, conferences, workshops, collaborative online broadcasting and headline shows.

Magnetic Matrix interface will be on display at the Roundhouse Studios as a part of the Sonic Maze exhibition.


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Location: KIBERPIPA – CYBERPIPE _ Ljubljana

Date: THURSDAY, 25-NOVEMBER-2010  9 P.M.

The HAIP Festival puts on display multimedia art forms resulting from creative use of open technologies and the freedom of artistic expressions in open-source media.

/festival theme/ > New nature

Data processing through the synthesis, manipulation and characterization of matter on the atomic and molecular level (which enables the creation of so-called nanostructure materials) opens a line of thought as regards the new levels of autonomy and life of a certain matter. In the attempt to understand the use of matter that is in the process of being modified on its atomic level (as a multidirectional medium) the focus turns towards the specifics and (non)materiality of the intermediate spaces – towards contents, quantumly transformed through these spaces. This means that the artistic medium is established on an entirely new – atomic and subatomic level.


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  • 4th and 5th NOVEMBER, 2010

Natasha Musevic and Marko Batista will perform at LAB 30 festival in Augsburg, Germany.

“LAB30 understands itself as platform for experimental art projects, which contain an artistic reflection of our changed environment by means of modern digital or similar technologies and to which visitors of the Festivals offer new aspects of this changed culture by interactivity or digital picture and sound experiences…”


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Past Continuous. Future Perfect.
1 – October – 2010 timisoara. romania

The Simultan Festival is an annual festival for video, media art, experimental electronic music and a/v projects. The festival wishes to sustain and to stimulate the creative ways of the most modern visions of perceiving and recording the cultural realities in contemporary art. It presents the current processes and the way in which technology and society give rise to new forms of artistic expression by using the new media.


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Premiere Date: MAY-25

Photo: Primoz Juvan


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Natasha Musevic and Marko Batista are currently developing the experimental possibilities of using ferrofluid as a tool for making magnetic compositions that are digitally transmitted and form sonic + visual structures together with programmed code.

PROTOTYPE. TARGET. OpenFrameworks + OpenCV + RtMidi .testing.

Programming by Boris Saletic